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On this film, using the example of an x-ray, see how the ActivBoard 500 allows patients imagery to be resized, manipulated and also annotated over with the sensitive touch facility of this system. The system can also be used for office care reviews with patients and training in-house and sharing of information.  Comes with Promethean’s ActivInspire software.


The ActivBoard 500 supports dynamic web and video conferencing using 3rd party software with users able to collaborate from remote locations and share complex ideas. Employees are able to share ideas, multimedia files and drawings on a large visually engaging interactive whiteboard, eliminating the cost for additional hardware or conference costs. A great business solution that promotes engagement with real time collaboration.

Microsoft Word / Excel:

Supporting Microsoft Word and Excel, the ActivBoard 500 enables the user to edit Word documents and Excel spreadsheets collaboratively and be able to save and share your amended documents immediately. Using the integrated tools, you are able to add notes in real-time and highlight content and save for future reference.

Emergency Response:

With its intuitive design for ease of use the ActivBoard 500 provides a large interactive display to be able to accurately develop ideas to determine the best plan of action for any emergency. With detailed annotation and Promethean’s ActivInspire software, multiple users are able to collaboratively work at the board. 


Create idea maps collaboratively with the ActivBoard 500 system. Interact with multiple users and capture ideas from the attendees with the use of Audience Response Systems. Ideas will automatically display on the board for discussion. Users of the board can immediately manipulate words and even delete, just with a touch.

or embedded video’s transforming into interactive lessons.


Digital scouting reports and playbacks created with software such as QuikScout come to life on the ActivBoard 500 Pro. Promethean ActivInspire software allows users access to integrated tools to highlight or annotate over charts, playbooks or embedded video’s transforming into interactive lessons.