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Training for Business:

Would you like to engage, motivate and instantly assess trainees?

Would you like to have a formative assessment system that allows you to see instantaneously who has and who has not understood the subject matter taught?

Would you like to increase productivity and reduce costs?

Designed to give an individual voice to each audience member while equipping facilitators with a revolutionary tool for delivering dynamic content tailored for immediate feedback.

ActivEngage: encourages instructors and participants to engage, interact and contribute to discussions using laptops or mobile devices, economical and affordable as it eliminates cost or need for additional hardware & can be used with mobile devices for flexibility within
company / organisation environment.

ActivExpression 2 Learner Response System: Not all questions demand a black and white answer. In fact, many demand more than just a simple yes or no. It’s the reason why
Promethean created ActivExpression. A unique learner response system with the ability to text, have numerical responses, likert scale and multiple choice options. With the newly enhanced design, ActivExpression2 has a full QWERTY keyboard providing a communication tool similar to what students use outside the classroom and also Maths symbols.

With Self-Paced learning through ActivExpression2, the teacher can follow progress and intervene individually to correct misunderstandings and misconceptions. It allows each student to move to their own level of ability. Able students move on to more difficult questions and less able work at the level that is more appropriate to them.


  • Significant administrative time saving
  • Instant feedback
  • Instant data analysis on individual’s performance
  • All data exported to excel
  • Reduction on printing costs
  • Can be used on generic mobile devices
  • Minimal set up – data exists!
  • Global support network
  • Audio / video integration
  • Eco friendly
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