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Six Sigma:

Would you like to increase productivity and reduce costs whilst complementing existing technology?

Be non-intrusive & be able to deliver solutions that enable users to save time by writing over/marking documents with digital ink?

Increase productivity and engagement in the workplace with Promethean’s ActivBoard 500 Pro System. Presenters, trainers, project workers and team leaders will benefit from the natural way of working with the ActivBoard system. Using the ActivPen to write on the board or up to four users collaborating on the board working simultaneously on a task, this interactive display system will ensure your employees are more attentive and engaged in the meeting. Exchange ideas, brainstorm and review documents interactively plus being able to annotate over documents digitally and share with colleagues.

The ActivBoard 500 Pro works seamlessly with any business applications that are already running as well as Promethean’s Polling systems, interactive software and content to transform your workplace into a more productive, interactive environment.

Return on Investment (ROI) – Digitalising your six sigma process will save you administrative time as well as a reduction on printing costs.

Fully Integrated – Will integrate with existing software / technology used within the company – no need to learn new software, incorporates and enhances current technology/software further.

  • Significant administrative time saving
  • Better usage of existing company data
  • Inclusive team meeting with remote users through WebEx
  • Easier trend analysis
  • Can be used on generic mobile devices
  • Minimal set up – data exists!
  • Global support network
  • Audio / video integration
  • Eco friendly
  • Reduction on printing costs

The Six Sigma System