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ActivExpression School Surveys

Instant Student, Staff or Parent Surveys

The Objective:
Schools are becoming increasingly aware of the need to focus on issues related to personal and social welfare, care, guidance and the key issues of student and community voice. LEB Partnership Ltd can enable the efficient collection of quantative data from pupils, parents and staff to enable a development plan that moves the school towards outstanding care, guidance and results.

The Process:
LEB Partnership can come into your school with tailor made questions, survey up to 250 pupils, staff or parents, with up to 50 questions, with instantaneous analysis in under fifteen minutes.The school informs LEB Partnership of the questions that they wish to ask.   All participants in the survey are given an ActivExpression handset; the questions are then polled anonymously using the self-paced mode, whereby, questions can come onto the handset on which individuals can respond at their own pace.The process will take a maximum of twenty minutes; therefore, it is non-intrusive and can be implemented in assembly or a lunch break. This is simply the quickest and most efficient way for a school to survey pupils’ opinions and thoughts.

The Outcome:
After the survey has taken place, the school is given a spread-sheet of the data straight away. An in depth report will be sent within a week of the survey to the school, this will highlight patterns and trends from the data, enabling the school’s Senior Management to create a quality assurance plan of pastoral care which is pertinent to the pupils’ needs.

Accrington Academy:
Accrington Academy is an 11 – 19 comprehensive school in Lancashire. Accrington Academy has deployed LEB Partnership’s ActivExpression survey technology over the past year to enable the school to ask personalised questions, which are pertinent to the schools’ pupils. The process has collated data from two hundred and fifty pupils in three twenty minute surveys annually, asking up to fifty questions each survey. From the data, the Academy has been able to create a comprehensive plan of pastoral care and development for its pupils against which progress is mapped.

Example Questions: 
The following questions include the quantitative results and the Inspectors’ (Ofsted) wording attached to the quantitative percentage.

What is ActivExpression?
ActivExpression is the latest in response technology, which enables pupils, parents or teachers to respond to questions in differing formats. The questions can vary from:

Self-Paced Learning
Full text response
Multiple Choice
Sort in order
Yes / No – True / False
Likert Scale 3 to 6 choices

  • Can be handed out or carried around by each student
  • Super efficient quick response
  • Based on Promethean’s extensive collaborative classroom experience
  • Compatible with any make of Interactive Whiteboard, solely with a projector or neither
  • Can be used in anonymous and named mode
  • Numeric entry and graphical and statistical analysis
  • Alphanumeric response up to 100 characters
  • Simple multi choice up to six choices
  • Select more than one choice e.g. choose 3 correct answers out of 6 options
  • Ordering e.g., place in order of size
  • Single key choice by confidence or agreement
  • True/false – yes/no single key choice
  • Results can be stored and exported into Excel
  • Pre-prepared and ad hoc questions
  • All answers timed

The results for each question provide the data that helps the Academy to map trends.  The example below is for question 1: Do you feel safe in the Academy?  It shows the responses for the last six terms at the Academy.