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Questions for Learning:

Here at LEB Partnership, we are developing a range of software programmes to work in conjunction with Promethean’s ActivExpression Learner Response System.

This improves the efficiency of learning as:

  • All pupils can answer the questions at their own pace;
  • Pupils will receive feedback on incorrect answers, the questions for which will then be resent;
  • The teacher gets instant feedback for each pupil as the questions are being run, enabling them to make immediate intervention where necessary;
  • Recent studies by the Institute of Effective Education at York University have shown that if a pupil is given immediate feedback, their learning increases by thirty percent.


‘SPAG: Spelling Focus’
‘SPAG: Spelling Focus’ contains 48 sets of ‘Questions for Learning’ in one flipchart which focus on spelling strategies and morphology. What’s more, many of the questions provide the word meaning, so developing vocabulary as well as improving spelling.
Price for the full 48-page flipchart – £100 ex VAT 

‘SPAG: Punctuation and Grammar’

‘SPAG: Punctuation and Grammar’ contains 25 sets of ‘Questions for Learning’ in one flipchart, which assess pupils’ understanding of capital letters, commas, questions and exclamations marks, speech marks, apostrophes, nouns, pronouns, articles, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, phrases, clauses and conjunctions.
Price for the full 25-page flipchart – £70 ex VAT 

KS3 Literacy:

Improve literacy across the curriculum with ‘Subject Specific Spellings and Meanings’. In this flipchart, which covers 12 subjects, the meanings of words are sent to the pupils’ handsets, and the pupils have to text in the correct spelling of the word described (some letters are given). Teachers can easily add to or adapt the question sets. ‘Commonly Misspelt Words for Year 7’ is a one-page flipchart (of 129 questions) to teach pupils the meanings of the words, as well as their spelling.
Pricing for these 2 flipcharts in the KS3 bundle£50 ex VAT