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Learning Clip + ActivExpression / Activote

The Learner Response Systems (LRS) enabled content has been wholly integrated into our standard Interactive whiteboard activities and offers great potential for engaging pupils and greatly enhancing formative assesment. Results from Learner Response sessions can be recorded online in your Learning Clip account building into an excellent resource to support the assessment of pupil progress.

100s of Primary Maths resources for the new Maths Curriculum

Over 80% of our KS2 and Y2 interactive activities have been developed to incorporate LRS – choosing to use an activity with LRS is entirely up to you, teach whole class to introduce a lesson then simply click the LRS icon to switch to LRS mode.

Primary Grammar Resources for Y5 & Y6

There are 63 Grammar resources for Year 5 and Year 6. The resources are organised into narrow categories including: Word Classes (nouns, pronouns & articles), Word Classes (verbs & adverbs), Word Classes (adjectives & prepositions), Word Classes (connectives), Features of Sentences, Complex Sentences (Clauses & Phrases), Complex Sentences (Subordinating Connectives), Standard English, Punctuation (Punctuation marks), Punctuation (Using commas), Punctuation (Punctuating speech), Practice & Samples, and also include diagnostic tests.

Immediate feedback

The immediacy of knowing exactly how each student is progressing during a lesson has enormous potential to enhance learning but the benefits don’t end when the bell goes. All the answers generated in class are automatically stored building into a complete picture of your class’s activity and individual students performance, helping you deliver even more effective lessons.

Free Resources

See how the LRS is integrated into the Learning Clip interactive activities, find out how easy it is to use and how powerful the information produced is.


Learning Clip Learner Response enabled resources

To date most of 318 our interactive maths activities are learner response enabled. Just look for the ‘voting enabled’ icon. The Learner Response adaptations are deeply integrated into the interactive activity, producing a smooth transition from whole class teaching to whole class participation – your students will feel as if each of them has been chosen to come up to the front and operate the whiteboard.





Learning Clip resources use Promethean Learner Response technology and can work on any interactive whiteboard.