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Classflow, the Revolutionary Learning Platform:

Device Agnostic:
Synchronise lessons across all leading brands of connected classroom devices including interactive boards, interactive projectors, Chromebooks, laptops and tablets with iOs, Android or Windows operating systems.

Instant Feedback:
Allow students to send their work from their devices. Gather real-time insights on student progress via the live assessment screen and save the data for future use.

Collaborative Learning:
Enable learning beyond the classroom by sharing assignments and content with students both inside as well as outside the class.

Differentiate Instruction:
Organise your students into learning groups, based on their style of learning. Assign customised lesson content to each group and administer self-paced tests and quizzes.

Assessment & Reporting:
Generate aggregated usage and assessment data by student, class, lessons, and grade. Use this data to map and track instructional contact against formal school standards.

System Interaction:
Integrate Classflow with your area and school management systems for easy administration.

Device Agnostics  •  Collaborative Learning  •  Assessment and Reporting
Differentiate Instruction  •  Instant Feedback  •  System Integration