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The new Interactive Table from Promethean has everything you need to engage learners.

From its 46-inch HD LCD touch-sensitive display and resource library to its integrated speakers and amplifier, the ActivTable is designed to encourage their own learning, drive collaboration, increase engagement and develop creativity.

The ActivTable, a touch-screen interactive table, lets students take on a more active role in their learning. Using natural touch gesture-based movements, students are able to work individually, in pairs or in a group to conduct research, share work or simply to complete a lesson objective.

Supporting wireless web browsing and the ability to integrate easily with the Promethean ActivBoard, Educators and learners have easy access to a range of tools and resources including virtual keyboards and a image bank. Up to six students can simultaneously use the ActivTable to build on their collaboration skills such as problem solving and decision-making.

What’s new?

  • 46-inch Full HD LCD display
  • Using the ActivTable’s unique reporting tools, teachers can track individual student participation, learn who contributed and how each student participated based upon activity of student avatars.
  • Embedded sound system for multi-media lessons and voice recording
  • Easy table access for chairs and wheelchairs