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In the ActivClassroom, lions roar, integers multiply, history repeats, and young minds can’t help but open wide. ActivInspire is the reason: the medium through which all the messages of the world enter the classroom.

A single product that combines the best of our software into one platform. ActivInspire is a fun, friendly, relentlessly versatile time-saver for teachers. Educators choose how they interface with ActivInspire—sophisticated for secondary, bright and inviting for primary. Lessons come to life in full-colour video, sound and graphics—a bounty of flipcharts, backgrounds, images and activities are included and ready for use. Students can download a personal version for free to review the day’s lessons at home. But best of all, ActivInspire is more than just a pretty interface. Fully functional, integrated tools like protractors, rulers, dice and shape recognition make the on-screen experience a real-world example unlike any other, and connectivity with Promethean Planet, the world’s largest online lesson planning and support community for interactive whiteboard users, makes the potential lesson nearly limitless.

To download ActivInspire from Promethean Planet, visit: Download ActivInspire.


  • Professional – fully loaded version available for purchase or bundled with ActivBoard, ActivExpression and ActiVote
  • Personal version available for free download from Promethean Planet; for all users, even those with non-Promethean whiteboards
  • Two interfaces, one piece of software – educators choose primary or secondary based on grade and comfort level
  • Full integration with ActivExpression and ActiVote for seamless Learner Response System communication
  • Simple licensing and installation for single users and enterprise models


  • Cross-platform flexibility via Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Fully functional tools unique protractor, grids (with snap), rulers and more
  • New power tools including intelligent shapes and handwriting recognition
  • Themed templates included for quick lesson building
  • Full Adobe Flash® support for .flv files and flash objects
  • Export Q&A to Microsoft Excel®
    for quick progress tracking
  • Integration with Promethean Planet for a whole universe of content and support


  • PC :
    Pentium 4, 1 Ghz processor, 512 MB RAM, 1024 x 768 resolution, 1.5 GB free disk space
  • Mac:
    Intel Mac, OS Tiger 10.4.11, 512 MB RAM, 1024 x 768 resolution, 3.0 GB free disk space
  • Operating systems:
    Windows XP & Vista (all versions) Mac OS 10.4.11 & above Linux

The ActivClassroom by Promethean creates successful, 360-degree educational environments by connecting technology to human ingenuity, and teachers to their peers, to students, and to a whole new world of learning. ActivInspire is only one part of an integrated system of hardware, software,training and resources designed by educators for educators to support teacher efforts at instruction and assessment, improve student participation and strengthen performance for all types of learners.

Please contact us for more information on: 01254 686552