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ActivProgress is an integrated, web-based data management and social learning solution that combines real-time assessment and reporting to enable data-driven decisions and personalised instruction in the classroom. 

Promethean ActivOffice is a software plug-in that incorporates the collaborative, interactive features of ActivProgress is an instructional improvement system that provides true assessment for learning opportunities. The platform connects multiple sources of information to compile real-time actionable data with the added benefit of a powerful social collaborative space. Monitor student progress in real-time and instantly deliver targeted, personalised instruction that has a lasting impact on every learner.

Curriculum development and management is an ongoing, complex process that involves a wide range of participants throughout the district, including teachers, administrators, students, parents and the community. ActivProgress, Promethean’s Curriculum and Assessment Management system, streamlines communication and optimises the learning environment for all students by providing a strong directional focus for educators to facilitate the design, delivery and assessment of standards-based curriculum.

Fully integrated with our Learner Response Systems, ActivProgress simplifies classroom management and optimises productivity. Instantly gauge student comprehension, access instructional support, identify student achievement trends over time and proactively address potential student challenges before they become ongoing academic issues.

Leverage the potential of an integrated, standard-based assessment, reporting and social learning solution designed to increase student and teacher achievement.

Integrated and flexible: ActivProgress is fully integrated with our Learner Response Systems, but also works with traditional paper and web-based lessons, offering you the flexibility to administer tests and activities in a variety of formats.

Resource-rich: Access a full bank of instructional resources, including a library of question templates and assessment blueprints.

Social learning portal: Streamline communication and collaboration with students, parents and colleagues with a secure social learning portal that includes a wiki, blog, forum, media library, calendar, chat room, collaboration space, user profiles and a messaging system.

Why ActivProgress?

Standards-based assessment – Leverage a standards-based, formative, summative and benchmark assessment platform that focuses on educational proficiency.

Streamline personalised instruction – Access learning management and instructional support to deliver personalised lessons that optimise classroom productivity and increase achievement.

Collaboration and communication – Utilise a secure, social learning portal designed to increase district-wide collaboration and communication.

Actionable Information – Access a robust support tool that aggregates disparate data within a common view to enable meaningful data analysis.

Enhance classroom efficiency – Decrease time spent on lesson preparation and testing with ongoing assessment.

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