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ActivEngage2 is Promethean’s new virtual learner response system available for tablets, smartphones, mobile devices and computers. ActivEngage2 works alongside the schools existing technology by transforming these devices into Learner Response Systems. This software works in conjunction with interactive whiteboards, projectors and even in an environment where there is neither.

It is a software-based solution for interactive instruction and response-based learning. Ideal for schools with 1:1 computer initiatives and computer learning labs. ActivEngage2 challenges students through real-time lesson interaction.

The teacher displays a question on their Interactive Whiteboard using ActivInspire software. Students respond by selecting their choice of answer as it appears on their screen. With the self-paced learning functionality, teachers can assign questions of varying difficulty and give students the opportunity to register answers at their own pace.

ActivEngage2 employs a range of response types: multiple choice, true/false, sort-in-order, likert scales, text and numeric entry.  It also tracks student progress quickly and easily, allowing teachers to gauge comprehension and provide instant feedback and instruction.

As ActivEngage2 operates through cross-platform software that enhances existing computer capacity, it eliminates the cost and need for additional hardware.

Promethean’s ActivEngage2 Mobile is a software-based Learner Response System (LRS) that runs on Apple iOS and Android mobile devices. The software application may be downloaded for the Android Marketplace or from the Apple App Store.